About Forest
Forest is a graphic design studio based in Oslo, Norway. Co-workers Johanne Halvorsen and Anna Karlsson have their background from KHiO/NCAD, The National College of Art and Design in Oslo where they graduated in 2005, and since then they have have worked closely together as a creative team. "We work with a broad variety of clients both from the cultural as well as the corporate sectors. We enjoy combining the experience of analytical and conceptual identity profiling with artistic expression through different media. Besides being functional, we think that the visual aspect should act as inspiration and bring aesthetic pleasure. We work with every task, being label design, a company to be branded or a musical album, with the same involvement pursuing the essence of the product identity. We accept every challenge on its own premise, and sometimes the bigger the challenge, the greater the result! We work closely with our clients, defining their special needs, and through a branding strategy process we develop the visual identity."

Clients: Kom inn AS Union Sparebank1 Aberdeen D2 The Flying Culinary Circus Propeller Recordings
Universal DogA Akershus kunstaenter Supernature The Norwegian Consumer Council

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